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Site Sponsorship

What We Do

We build, manage and maintain a Conference Party Marketing Platform for technology conferences. We provide the sites as a free service to conference vendors & attendees. Please note that we are not affiliated with any conference organizer.

We secure, manage and maintain Twitter handles for each conference that we support.  You may have used @reInventParties, @RSACParties or @NextParties. We use these accounts to actively engage conference attendees in the weeks before and during the conference.

We announce every vendor event with a customized tweet when we add it to our site.  We include the Vendor’s Twitter handle, a custom image and the conference #hashtag.

Site Sponsorship Opportunities

We have learned that many startups and small companies can’t afford or miss the deadline for Conference Sponsorship. Conference Sponsorship typically starts at $15,000+ and are sold out months before a conference begins. We offer a separate avenue to reach conference attendees through Site Sponsorship. In fact, conference attendees actively seek the information we provide.

For example, on Nov 26 2018, our site for AWS re:Invent Parties had 2,688 users and 23,204 Twitter impressions. During the conference week and 2 weeks before we had 12,307 site users and more than 143,000 Twitter impressions.

Site Sponsorship offers banner space on our dedicated Conference Event site & sponsored tweets during the conference at a fraction of the cost of Conference Sponsorship. We also add a permanent Site Sponsor logo on the site. Site Sponsors provide banner graphics, logos and tweet content. If you want to do something completely different we are definitely interested. Just let us know!

Site Sponsorship Example

Dedicated Banner and Sponsor Logo

Sample Banner & Logo

Sponsored Tweet Examples

Sample Tweet 1 Sample Tweet 2
Sample Tweet 4 Sample Tweet 3

Social Media Engagement

We started building this platform in 2017 and since then we have helped over 40,000 users from 117 countries attend 285 events.  We have a proven track record of engaging conference attendees and promoting their engagement with conference vendors.  Social Media engagement and Web sites statistics are below.

We curate vendor events through a variety of automated and manual methods.  Finding, validating and curating the event list, plus the effort to create and post custom tweets for every vendor event on the site is a time consuming labor of love. The number of events per conference range from ~20 to more than 100. In addition to our research, many Vendors contact us directly to request their events be added to the list. Vendors that have contacted us range from small start-ups, attending their first conference to leading technology firms with $1Billion+ annual revenues and even large financial services firms with tens of thousands of employees.

If you’d like to leverage our reach, please let us know!

Social Media Statistics

AWS re:Invent 2018
Nov 11 – Dec 1, 2018 21 days
Twitter Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Impressions 143,200 6,800 23,204
Links Clicked 1,400 66 132
Retweets 102 5 15
Likes 409 19 74
Replies 44 2 12
Web Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Users 12,307 568 2,688
Sessions 22,448 1,068 3,874

RSA Conference 2019
Feb 17 – Mar 9, 2019 21 days
Twitter Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Impressions 84,300 4,014 12,568
Links Clicked 344 16 44
Retweets 93 4 16
Likes 50 2 20
Replies 23 1 13
Web Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Users 4,988 237 1,185
Sessions 8,634 411 1,630


Google Cloud Next ‘19
Mar 25 – Apr 14, 2019 21 days
Twitter Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Impressions 46,800 2,229 5,934
Links Clicked 523 28 74
Retweets 39 2 6
Likes 129 6 15
Replies 23 1 13
Web Statistics Total Average/day Peak Day
Users 4,124 196 1,404
Sessions 6,295 300 1,756